A healthy immune system is designed to destroy renegade cells before they get out of hand. When the immune system is under stress, it is unable to effectively clean out cancerous cells. When this happens, cancerous cells can grow and spread with out restraint. Because of coconut oil's resistance to free-radical formation and its ability to support the immune system, coconut oil may be useful in protecting the body against cancer.

Did you know:

Coconut oil creates healthier cell membranes.

Coconut oil does not create free radicals that harm cell membranes, because the medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil are made up of single carbon bonds, which are more stable and not readily oxidized by free radicals that destroy cells and promote cancer.

Coconut oil does not adversely affect the balance of the tissue hormones at your cells, whereas diets high in Omega-6 polyunsaturated fats (ie: Linoleic acid) do.

Coconut oil is considered an antigenotoxic, where studies suggest that it helps prevent the formation of cancer cells.

Researchers have shown that coconut oil inhibits the induction of carcinogenic agents that cause colon as well as mammary tumors in test animals (Reddy, 1992, and Cohen and Thompson, 1989). Many other vegetable oils promote cancer because they are easily oxidized to form carcinogenic free radicals (Hopkins, 1981). MCFAs have an antioxidant-like effect that prevents free-radical reactions and appears to provide cell protection.

In animal studies that compared olive and coconut oils, research showed that both oils reduced the number of tumors. However, in animals fed coconut oil, tumors were lowest, often down to zero. In published studies, coconut oil was found to act at the initiating phase of cancer growths.

Providing a balanced diet and supplementing your pets' diet regularly with coconut oil will help to keep your pet healthy, heart-fit, and cancer resistant.

Note: Coconut oil should never be used as a substitute for any drugs or treatment prescribed by your veterinarian. Always work closely with your holistic vet when adding a new supplement to your dogs diet.

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