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Costco vs. Oscar's Coconut Oil

I have to admit, I did go to Costco to purchase their Kirkland Coconut Oil because the bottles are bigger and they're cheaper. But after a couple of days, I noticed a BIG difference in quality. When I scooped some out with a spoon, it was MUCH harder to get out. And once I put it in the dogs food, it was too hard to mix in so I left it in a big chunk. The dogs ate around the coconut oil and saved it for last OR they didn't eat it at all. The dogs normally like to lick the coconut oil right out of the container, but with the Kirkland Coconut Oil, they wouldn't! Because of this, I knew there was a difference in quality. It wasn't the same!

After a couple of days I came back to CocoTherapy. The dogs began licking it out of the jar again and ate it in the food with no problem, chunks or mixed in. I will never buy another brand again and will continue to vouch for CocoTherapy!

Here's a photo of BOTH Banks and Harrison! I got a new jar today and Banks was ready to get in it!

Keshia Trevino

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