The Science Behind CocoTherapy: Your Exclusive Gateway to Scientific Research Articles

Since the launch of CocoTherapy in 2009, we have made it our mission to teach others about therapeutic-grade coconut oil and have seen how it has helped countless animals around the world.

Coming from a coconut producing family, coconuts have been a big part of our family for three generations. When we were little girls, we remember watching our grandma make coconut oil in her small kitchen. She always used the freshest coconuts sourced and harvested from her family's coconut farm. She took her time as she skillfully separated the coconut water and carved out the coconut meat. It was a tedious process, but she didn't cut corners. To her, making the purest, tastiest, most nutritious oil was a labor of love.

Thanks to our grandma, we grew up with knowledge and understanding of the potent healing power of coconut oil, and the meticulous attention to detail that goes into making therapeutic-grade coconut oil.

In 2014, we worked with naturopathic doctor and lipid expert, Dr. Bruce Fife ND, to provide data and stories for his book, "Coconut Therapy for Pets," which discusses amazing ways coconut oil has helped numerous animals.

We are often asked, "Where is the scientific evidence that coconut oil can do what you say it can?"

Look no further!  We've complied all of the scientific articles in our easy to use guide. We broke it down by health concern, summarized the article, and provided the link so you can do your own research!

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