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“Since giving CocoTherapy, the differences I've seen in my dogs are less itching, more energy, weight loss, and shinier coats.”

- Liza Penalosa Kinsella


Coconut is a healthy food

When given regularly, coconuts help maintain and support overall health.

“We love this line of products because they are hypoallergenic and universally accepted by dogs, cats, birds, and small mammals, not to mention exceptionally beneficial for the body. It’s hard to find a product line that can say that!”
- Dr. Karen Becker, DVM, NMD -
Integrative Veterinarian & Naturopathic Medical Doctor,
Author of “Real Food for Healthy Dogs & Cats”

“I recommend CocoTherapy for my patients because the products are proven to have therapeutic effects. I look for products that are pure and effective, and I feel that CocoTherapy is one of those products." 
- Dr. Vivian Grant, DV -
Autumn Green Animal Hospital


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