To learn more about the health benefits of coconut oil and coconut products for you and your pet, please take the time to research and read about this miracle food. Below is a list of books and articles.

  • Interview with Bruce Fife about the fallacy that coconut oil induces Endotemia in dogs by Charisa Antigua, co-founder of CocoTherapy. Worried that coconut oil causes endotoxemia and leaky gut syndrome in dogs? Don't be afraid -- get the facts first. Join Charisa as she digs deeper for the real scientific facts on coconut oil and its effects on endotoxins and inflammation with Dr. Bruce Fife, ND, CN.
  • Allergies and Coconut Oil by Charisa Antigua, co-founder of CocoTherapy (Dogs Naturally, August 2012). Is your dog itchy? Does she scratch incessantly until she bleeds? Learn how can you help your itchy pet in Charisa's article about coconut oil and allergies.
  • "The Fountain of Youth" by Charisa Antigua, co-founder of CocoTherapy (Hampton Pet, July 2016). Organic virgin coconut oil has long been known for its amazing benefits. Learn a few of the many ways to use it for your pets.
  • Coconut Therapy for Pets by Bruce Fife (Piccadilly Books, Ltd. © 2014) About Dr. Bruce Fife: CN., ND. Certified nutritionist and naturopathic doctor, and president of the Coconut Research Center.

Coconut Therapy for Pets explains the benefits of coconut oil and coconuts for pets, how and why it is beneficial for animals. It explains how to use coconut oil for maximum effectiveness, and the differences between various types of coconut oil. It includes numerous testimonials, as well as recipes for your pet.

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  • "Crazy About Coconut Oil", By CJ Puotinen (Whole Dog Journal. October 2005).
  • Article "Coconut Oil" by Dr. Ray Peat. About Dr. Ray Peat: PhD. Biology, with specialization in Physiology, University of Oregon.