CocoTherapy Hairball Plus

$ 12.75


CocoTherapy Hairball Plus

$ 12.75

  • CocoTherapy CAT HAIRBALL PLUS™ is made with only one ingredient, high-fiber organic coconut. It contains NO artificial ingredients, preservatives, and fillers, so you can feel good giving it to your kittens and cats -- even those with sensitive stomachs or food allergies! Coconut fiber passes through the intestines and has a much greater impact on intestinal transit time. It increases stool bulk to help waste pass through more efficiently.

    CocoTherapy Hairball Plus is different from other coconut products: Unlike other coconut products which will not break down in water, CocoTherapy Hairball Plus breaks down easily in moisture, feeding friendly gut bacteria, thereby producing Short-Chain Fatty Acids that are necessary for optimum gut health.

    Our coconut fiber is rich in fiber: 93% insoluble fiber and 7% soluble fiber. Not only is it beneficial for managing hairballs; it also benefits your cat in several ways:

    • Helps your cat pass hairballs more easily by adding moisture and bulk to his/her stool
    • Does NOT contain phytic acid, which depletes your cat of vitamins and minerals; unlike psyllium and grain-based fibers often used in other hairball formulas
    • Contains Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) to support healthy immune response
    • Supports healthy skin and coat. This means less shedding
    • Supports digestive health and gastrointestinal tract function
    • Supports healthy weight
    • Safe for kittens and pregnant cats
    • Safe for long-term use


    • Raw & vegan
    • Grain & gluten free
    • Dairy free
    • No Trans Fat
    • No preservatives, colors,  salt, or sugar
    • No sulfites
    • No mineral oil and petroleum
    • Breaks down easily in water (unlike other dehydrated coconut products)
    • 100% Human-grade
    • 100% USDA certified organic
    • Non-GMO

    There are other ways to help prevent hairballs in your cat:

    • Provide clean, fresh water. This is important when adding fiber to his diet.
    • Brush your cat daily to remove loose hairs that cause hairballs.
    • Exercise and play with your cat daily.
    • If your cat has large amounts of hairballs, try giving CocoTherapy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil™ in addition to CocoTherapy Hairball Plus.

    HOW TO GIVE: Give 1-2 tsp per 10 lb body weight, dividing amount over AM and PM meals daily (.83 grams of fiber in 1 tsp or 1.67 grams of fiber in 2 tsp). Can be mixed with water, tuna water, clam juice, or your cat's favorite wet snack. When added to liquid, Hairball Plus will break down into a cream of wheat consistency.

    Packaging: 7 oz/198g resealable foil pouch. The pouch has approximately 50 - 1 teaspoon servings.

    Calorie Content (calculated):

    • Metabolize Energy: 4,411 kcal/kg
    • 2.2 kcal in 1 tsp

    As always, before giving any new treat or supplement, talk to your holistic veterinarian about incorporating coconut oil and coconut into your pets' diet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Healthy poops!

This has helped to bulk up my kitties poops so that they don't get stopped up, because they are medium hair cats and rarely puke up hairballs. They also eat raw food and I have found that they feel more satisfied with less!

Coconut is filling

My vet recommended Coco Therapy hairball remedy for my cats because they are on a raw diet and tend to eat a lot without any fiber to fill them up. The hairball remedy gets mixed into all their meals and they love it. It helps to make meals filling so they don’t need to eat huge amounts of raw food to feel satisfied. That’s a bit off-label for the use, but it works! And maybe they won’t get hairballs in the process :)

So far so good

My cat has not had a single hairball issue since starting this two weeks ago. She doesn't mind having it mixed in her wet food at all, which makes it easy to give. The big test will be in the spring when she starts shedding her winter fur, but we have high hopes.

My cat seems to enjoy this

My cat seems to enjoy these coconut sprinkles. I mix it with his wet food because cats are such picky eaters and he eats it right up with the food. I have noticed it has cut down on his hairball throwing up issue. I will keep ordering this for him.

Hair ball remedy

First of all this product smells incredible. But most importantly, my 2 indoor cats went crazy for it ! Excellent source of a MCFA plus the fiber to aid in hair ball removal. Great stuff!


I love this product! Definitely helps with hairballs

No hairballs, just boosting health!

My cat has numerous health issues and must have limited ingredient food items, which are very difficult to find! Although hairballs are not an issue for her, I am always looking for ways to be proactive and boost her general health and gut health. She is eating her wet food no problem with the Hairball Plus mixed in — sometimes she likes to see me sprinkle a little on top before she will eat her food. Thank you for a great product!