Anal Gland Problems

Anal gland problems can be a big problem for dogs – and their owners! Dogs have two small glands, one on each side of the anus. These produce a fluid that marks your dog's unique scent when he defecates. Usually this is not a problem, as the fluid passes from the glands into your dog's stool. But if these glands become infected, they can produce a foul smell and cause pain and discomfort.

If your dog has ever had anal gland problems you'll know just how unpleasant the situation can be. Aside from the smell, signs that your dog is suffering from impacted anal glands include "scooting" (dragging their anal area across the floor), or excessive licking of the area.

Adding fiber to your dog's diet will bulk up the stool and put pressure on the anal glands. This helps them to function properly.