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Avid coconut coconut oil enthusiast

I purchased Spectrum brand organic Coconut Oil from WHOLEFOODS Market before finding 100% all natural & organic virgin Coconut Oil from COCOTHERAPY.

I used Spectrum for cooking and frying, in particular eggs, vegetables, added it to hot cereals like oatmeal. The product was fine but tasteless, the color was pale and the texture was mealy.

Then I found COCOTHERAPY Coconut Oil. What a find! This product was excellent, bright white color, smooth texture, and the flavor, while not over powering, was bountiful. I used it to sauté, pan fry, and melt in hot cereals. It added such a smooth sweet taste to everything. I spread it on toast with almond butter and jams and jellies that was a feast to my taste buds. I would recommend COCOTHERAPY 100% All Natural Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to everyone.

Bob Nicastro, avid coconut oil user from New Jersey!
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