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Helped all 5 of my Yorkies

I have 5 Yorkies that range in age and size. Coconut oil works wonders for each one in different ways. I have older ones that I adopted late in their lives that are missing teeth and they can still eat the coconut oil in a solid form as a treat, and I feel good about giving them something that will benefit them and tastes great. One of my other babies came to me at the age of 7 and was very stinky. Even after we bathed her we would notice an odor.

After starting her on CocoTherapy she smells normal! I know you must hear about allergy relief all of the time but my 5 year old Yorkie is golden/apricot color and suffers from food and seasonal allergies, the food I can control but she still needs a treat that won't make her itch and I love that CocoTherapy helps so much with air born and outdoor allergens that I don't have to have her on medicine! Thanks CocoTherapy!

Meg Tisdale

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