My basset hound has the worst allergies from food, seasons, and who knows what else! They cause her to get runny eyes, hot spots, dull, dry hair, and the worst is the nonstop itching. I begged my mom to just try CocoTherapy Coconut Oil because all other home remedies were not working. Not only does Rosie love it and talk for it during dinner time, but she has made major improvements. Her eyes don't constantly run, her hot spots haven't come back since the fall, and it has helped her itching! She loves to get oil massages and will just sleep and turn on her back so I don't miss a spot! She seems to know it helps her! If we miss a day or two you can definitely tell because her eyes get worse and the itching never stops!

CocoTherapy Coconut Oil has helped calm down the irritation due to allergies and gives this 9 year old more time to play and run without itching!

Alison Trembacki