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Spread the word!!

Think Missy likes the coconut oil? She gets a belly rub, toe(s) rub every night (after she is brushed) before she goes to bed. She has stopped scratching, the allergies are controlled 99.9%. You can see the joy in her eyes when I set the coconut oil on the bed, she immediately jumps on the bed and says "hurry, brush me, need my therapy!" We have a great time, she will twist & turn to get to my fingers & hands as I rub her. I let the oil melt in one hand, rub together, she has fun going from one hand to the other.

I shudder to think of all the different medicines, the cost and the trauma I put her through this past spring & summer trying to get her some relief. I HIGHLY recommend coconut therapy for flea allergies, any allergy, scratches for our "children". I am spreading the word about this wonderful treat! Thank you and a Happy New Year!!

Linda Burrell

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