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Great for Bulldog's ears and my hands!

Beyond Impressed. My female English bulldog has scabbed and crusty inside ear folds. I read on Facebook on a bulldog rescue that people had great results using this product so I ordered some on Monday 10/31 and by Wednesday 11/3 it had arrived in the mail. After two applications her ears are completely healed up. A new faithful user of this product I will happily spread the word. In the past this would have taken expensive medication to clear up and a week or more time including a vet bill.

Wendi Renzhofer Roth!

Wendi's second review:
I absolutely love this stuff and use it on my female Bulldogs ears. Ever since finding this product she no longer gets ear infections or died crusty ear folds. I have even went as far putting it on my hands which use to get dried out every winter and crack and peel. I am pleased to say my hands are dry no more.

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