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I love your product and my customers do too!

I sell your coconut oil in my store and started giving it to my dog around Christmas time. She is a 6 year old mixed breed and has ALWAYS had terrible allergies in the spring and summer. She would rub her face on the carpet, sofa, anything available so much that she would rub the hair off around her eyes so bad she had to be put on anti-biotics and Benadryl.

This is the FIRST spring that she hasn't had any sign of allergies or itching and I honestly believe its the coconut oil. I haven't changed anything in her diet (I make her food) except the oil.

Just wanted to THANK YOU so much. I love your product and my customers do too!! Thanks again.


Penny Milligan
The Hungry Hound
94 West Main St
Somerville NJ
08876 908 927 9663

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