My CocoTherapy Coconut Chips arrived today. I must thank you for turning my four Chis into paranas!! Jaws a snapping and everything. They couldn't get enough of these chips. My Chis inhailed them! We love this awesome organic treat!

If you're looking for an all natural/organic treat for your pets. Don't look any further, you have found it here with CocoTherapy Oil and their Coconut Chips. I have 5 Chihuahaus and they just love the product. It isn't a struggle to give it to them. I sprinkle the chips on their food and they often knock their food out of the bowl to get to the chips first. Three of my babies have lost 1 lb so far on this amazing healthy treat. We all should be more intuned to the wellbeing of our pets for a longer, healthier life for them. They give us so much and we can do our part in purchasing these product to enrich their lives. It is our duty as pet owners.

Tammie Malkow-Dunham