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No more smelly breath!!! It's amazing!

I just started using coconut oil for my dogs on the advice of a friend. I was a little skeptical but thought I'd give it a try. One of my boxers has the worst smelling breath I've ever smelled! We've tried treats, brushing, you name it...nothing worked.

After a little over a week of feeding coconut oil right from a spoon (they love it!), no more smelly breath!!! It's amazing! She's 6 years old now and a little white in the face. She's been slowing down lately too. Now she's up and playing while the other 3 are sleeping! Another of my boxers has very dirty ears. I could clean them every day and never keep up. Not to mention, it hurt her to have me clean them at times. Again, after about a week or so, not much in there to clean! I went a week without cleaning them too and they were wonderful and pain free! I love this stuff!!

Doreen Lamper Marsters

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