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Do You Know Where Your Coconuts Come From?

At CocoTherapy, we do!  Not only do we manufacture our own coconut oil and chips, we also grow and harvest our own coconuts in our own USDA-certified organic coconut plantation. 

Charisa examines coconuts

A majority of coconut oil manufacturers do not own coconut farms.  They purchase their coconuts from a number of small independent farmers, often buying from multiple farmers who may or may not be USDA organic inspected farms. These farmers may have their own cultivating practices and harvesting schedules, which affect the quality of the coconuts.

CocoTherapy coconuts come from one farm, which is also owned by our manufacturer.  Why is this important?

  • The quality of our coconuts is consistent from batch to batch.
  • We know our coconuts are harvested at the optimum time (12 months old), no earlier, no later.
  • We know our coconuts are opened and used between four to eight hours after harvesting.
  • Our farm is guaranteed to be USDA organic inspected, and we never use hybrid or genetically modified (GMO) coconuts.

CocoTherapy coconut farm

In addition, CocoTherapy virgin coconut oil is NON-GMO Project verified, so you can be confident that our oil is made from non-GMO coconuts.

You can say we’re obsessed with quality and control, but when it comes to our fur-kids, we expect nothing less! 




















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