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CocoTherapy Coconut chips are Uniquely Processed for Optimum Nutrition & Digestibility

We spend a lot of time fielding questions about what makes CocoTherapy different. Why shouldn’t you just buy the coconut chips at your local grocery store and feed those to your pets? It’s all about the source and the process. Dehydrating slowly at low temperatures ensures that our shredded, raw coconut tastes fresh, has a wonderful texture, and contains all the rich nutrients found in fresh coconuts. You’ve got to start with quality, treat it with respect and take the time to do it right. We’re a little nutty when it comes to getting this right. Remember that this is truly a family affair for us, and a life long passion.

CT coconut chips are uniquely processes for optimum nutrition & digestisbility

CocoTherapy® Coconut Chips are made from USDA-certified organic coconuts and dehydrated in low temperatures. The organic coconut meat is washed in pure, un-chlorinated water. Then the shredded coconut is slowly dehydrated at temperatures no higher than 98.6° F (37° C).  This ensures that all those nutrients are kept intact and creates great tasting coconut chips that are considered "raw".  And because our coconut chips are raw, we vacuum-seal immediately after processing to maintain freshness and reduce oxidation and the breakdown of triglycerides. (Triglycerides are the healthy fats that boost brain function and immune systems!) In addition, unlike the coconut chips found in health food stores or grocery stores, our coconut chips breakdown easily in water, ensuring maximum digestibility for your pets.

Once the dehydration process is complete, the coconut chips are repacked in re-sealable foil pouches that are environmentally friendly. Our air-tight, double-packaged process ensures that all the nutrients are preserved. There is no other brand available that is processed and double-packaged in this way. I would say that we’re trailblazers, but you can’t start a blaze without oxygen! We take the time to produce and package our coconut chips by following the highest quality standards set in the industry, because we want to make sure that our coconut chips contain the most flavor and nutritional value possible.


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