CocoTherapy is about family. We believe in promoting the health and longevity of our pets because pets are family, too! We know that so many people around the world feel the same, and that is why we created our CocoTherapy line in order to share the love. It is with great care and patience that we developed our products in the tradition of our own family.

When we were little girls, we remember watching our Lola (grandma) make coconut oil in her small kitchen. She always used the freshest coconuts she could find, usually coconuts from my uncle’s farm that had been harvested that day. She took her time as she skillfully separated the coconut water and carved out the coconut meat. It was a tedious process but she didn’t cut corners. To her, making the purest, tastiest, most nutritious oil was a labor of love.

Her philosophy towards coconut oil production has informed our own standards that we live and work by. We know that quality coconut oil is the product of a meticulous process that begins with fresh coconuts harvested at a precise age. With time, patience and love, we produce our coconut oil and ALL of our CocoTherapy products today.

Today, these values are the foundation of every CocoTherapy product. When we created the company, we wanted to produce really special coconut oil – coconut oil that our grandmother would be proud to call her own. And now we are adding to her legacy with all of our wonderful products! We’re so proud to share our traditions and passion with you! Please enjoy our website, leave feedback, support local retailers, or order some love right to your door. We love our pets, and we love to engage with our community, please join us.




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