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Coconut Oil and Cancer

Cancer is now the leading cause of death in both cats and dogs. It's estimated that 50% of dogs and 33% of cats will die from the disease. See how CocoTherapy coconut oil can bolster the immune system and help the body fight off cancer.

A happy dog who takes CocoTherapy coconut oil to help fight cancer

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5 Amazing Ways Your Dog Can Improve Your Health

Dogs are loyal companions that love us unconditionally. They're attuned to our physical and mental needs, and studies have shown that they bring us very real health benefits. Check out 5 amazing ways your dog can improve your health.

Dogs improve your health

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Why Does Coconut Oil Get So Much Bad Press?

You may have noticed some negative headlines about coconut oil over the past few weeks. Although the negative press coverage can be discouraging, here at CocoTherapy we're committed to spreading the word about the wonderful benefits of coconut oil.

Coconut oil bad press

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Coping With the Loss of a Pet

Pets are a huge part of our lives, and losing a beloved pet can be a devastating experience. In fact, the loss of a pet can be just as painful as losing a close friend or family member for many pet owners.

Losing a pet

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Is Coconut Oil Good for Birds?

If you're one of the millions of bird lovers in the US, this post is for you. In it, we'll look at the dietary requirements of birds and share some information on feeding them the right foods to help them live a long and healthy life.

coconut oil and birds

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Can Coconut Oil Help with Thyroid Health?

The thyroid gland is an essential gland in the body that consists of two small lobes shaped like butterflies on either side of your pet's trachea (windpipe). Let's look at the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of thyroid disorders in dogs and cats and how coconut oil is thought to support healthy thyroid function.

A cat representing coconut oil and Thyroid health

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