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How Coconut Oil Can Help Support Liver Health

Did you know that recent research suggests that coconut oil has powerful liver-protecting properties? That's right, coconut oil may actually help protect the liver and support the overall health of this vital organ.

CocoTherapy and liver health

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Coconut Oil for Crohn's Disease

Let's look at the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment of Crohn's disease in pets. We'll also explore the latest scientific research on the disorder and explain why coconut oil is thought to decrease its symptoms.

Coconut Oil for Crohn's Disease in dogs

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What Is Fractionated Coconut Oil?

Grocery stores offer a huge variety of coconut oils, fractionated coconut oils, liquid coconut oils, and MCT oils to choose from. Let's look at the different types of oils, explore the main differences between them, and outline their relative health benefits.

CocoTherapy coconuts

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How Coconut Oil Helps Fight Candida Infection

Candida yeast infections (candidiasis) affect pets and people, causing uncomfortable and painful symptoms that can become serious if left untreated. In this post we'll explain what candida is and how yeast infections occur in the body.

A dog that uses CocoTherapy coconut oil to fight infections naturally

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What's the Big Deal About Ketones?

Ketogenic diets have become popular in recent years – both for pets and humans. But many people still don't understand what ketones are, and how they can be beneficial to health.

Ketogenic diets

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Coconut Oil and Gastrointestinal Disorders

Your pet's digestive system is essential to their health. In fact, it works around the clock to digest food to fuel the body, absorb vital nutrients, and prevent dangerous toxins from entering the bloodstream.

Coconut Oil and Gastrointestinal Disorders

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How Coconut Oil Can Help Boost Your Pet's Immune System

How can you protect your pet against common illnesses and allergies and help them stay healthy all year round? By giving their immune system a boost with healthy, natural coconut oil.

Let's explore how coconut oil works to boost the immune system and learn some tips and advice on using it to protect your pet.

Using coconut to boost pet's immune system

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Coconut Oil Vs. Fish Oil

Coconut oil and fish oil are healthy sources of dietary fat, but each have a unique structure and are metabolized and used by the body in different ways. So, what are the functions of coconut oil and fish oil in the body? How can they benefit your pet's health? And should you supplement their diet with one – or both – of these oils? 

Coconut Oil vs Fish Oil

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