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Amazing results

Hi, my name is Allison. I'm a recent buyer of your Coconut Oil supplement, and soon-to-be buyer of your Coconut Chip Treats. I started using the Coconut Oil on my German Shepherd, Blue, a few weeks ago and I've already seen some amazing results. He was very itchy, he she alot, and his coat lacked shine. Now he looks and feels 100% better. Not only did it solve his skin/coat issues, he is so much healthier now. It transformed him from the inside out! The results are amazing and he loves the taste. Definitely going to continue to add this to his diet.

We actually loved it so much, we posted the oil and pictures of the results on his Instagram account, and everyone is asking where is came from, how they can buy it, so I posted your website. I was just wondering if you thought about making an Instagram account for advertising. I posted it on mine, and it's been a HUGE hit!

Thank you,

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