We got our little cocotherapy stars today in the banana coconut flavor.  Thank you so much.  You got them here so fast!!!

Needless to say, they passed the taste test with flying colors!  Both dogs ate them and their eyes lit up for more, which they got. These are perfect for my miniature poodle, who is still a puppy and enrolled in obedience class now.  We need a tiny training treat that really motivates him and is easy to give quickly during class. I think the stars are just perfect for this, too!

Thanks again for all of your amazing products and your incredible company. I am VERY picky about what my dogs eat, and your products are such a relief for me. They make the grade on every level, and so does your company in terms of ethics and caring. 

Thank you again,
Laura Rothbaum-Garmizo

p.s. Since beginning the coconut oil just two weeks ago, we are noticing a difference in Humphrey's coat.  It is thicker and shinier, and, he has more energy to zoom around the house with his little brother. He is also scratching less.