My 12 yr old Poodle Trixie Mae has health issues one of which is Cushing's Disease. Her liver, kidney etc levels are always off and high. But this week we brought her to Banfield to get her Comprehensive exam and labs etc. well about 4.5 months back we started using coconut oil as prescribed in her food 2x day. To our Drs. surprise for the first time in 2 YRS. Trixie's levels were not high matter of fact they were the lowest they had seen then in 4 yrs.


I told them what I was doing and they were all for it. Now she has been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism but we will continue the coconut oil. Honestly we have No Intentions of Stopping, Thank you for helping my best friend to live the remainder of her life just that much healthier... you are earthly angels. .

Audrey Wilmot and Trixie Mae