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Nothing works like CocoTherapy

I just had to write and tell you how much we love CocoTherapy. I have four Yorkies and they've always had allergies and itchy skin. We've tried several medications but nothing has worked like CocoTherapy coconut oil. They are completely off medication now and their skin and coats look wonderful! One of the girls (Abby) has a sensitive tummy and always has to strain to do her business. One of the other girls (Houdina) has loose stools off and on. I read on the CocoTherapy web site that the coconut chips aid in digestion and started giving my pups the chips a couple of times each day along with coconut oil at dinner and they are doing great. They know where I keep the chips and all four of them line up for treats at least 3 times a day.

What a difference - no more straining and no more upset tummies. Thank you for providing such wonderful products for our precious babies. Love, Gina, Abbycadabra, Merlin, Houdina and Tinkerbell.

Gina Hart
Tulsa, OK

Gina's second review:
We've seen many wonderful changes since we started using CocoTherapy Oil and Coconut Chips. Shinier coats, weight loss - this works for us because they love the oil and chips and think they are "treats". I use it on their paws and no more dry, cracked paw pads! And last but definitely not least -- no more straining for their poopies! We lovingly call it CocoMagic around our house.

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