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I just bought the CoCoTherapy and coconut chips and my dogs are loving it. First, the taste. WOW!!! They have licked their bowls for the first time in so long!!!! It was a challenge to get them to eat their food without some doctoring. Now I am betting that Yogi's hot spots will get better as well as his ears. I'll write in again. Thanks for a FABULOUS product. Oh, I am munching a bit on the coconut flakes... yummy!!! - Cheryl Kilberg Solomon, Chicago, IL, Customer

Cheryl Kilberg Solomon
Chicago, IL


Cheryl's second review:
I'm here to tell you that CoCoTherapy has saved my knees! Aside from my dogs going crazy for their evening spooning of Coco Therapy, I've been taking a tablespoon every night since July 11th. Since that date, I have never had to take an anti-inflammatory pill or pain pill. Nothing has changed in my day to day except the taking of CoCo Therapy. It's a miracle anti-inflammatory and I've not felt this good in 10 years since I had knee problems. The product has been a lifesaver and no knee surgery for me!!!

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