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Eliminated my dogs strange odor- 10 paws up!

I too have been giving CocoTherapy oil and chips to my dogs, Pebbles and Daisy. They used to have this funky odor, not really stinky, but a really distinct smell. I kinda like it, because I'm so used to it, but my friends and family think the dogs just stink. It's not just their breath or ears, but just an over all smell from their skin, and also their feet, almost like a "cheesy" smell, kinda like doritos.

Since I started giving them the oil and chips, the odor has disapeared. My husband thinks I'm bathing them more, but I'm not, they just lost that funky smell. This stuff really works!!! Pebbles, Daisy and I give it 10 paws up!!! I highly recommend CocoTherapy to every dog out there!

Jennifer McIntyre

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