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We give our best recommendation!

My company Motto Agency had the pleasure of creating the brand for CocoTherapy. More importantly though, we design for products we believe in and stand behind. When Carmina and Charisa sent us the CocoTherapy products to try on our furry babies, they absolutely LOVED them. I have a red Doberman and their skin can be problematic - his skin is very dry. After keeping him on the Coconut oil for several weeks, his coat is absolutely beautiful. When I take him to PetSmart people stop and tell me what a beautiful dog he is and that his coat is gorgeous! The Motto family consists of four dogs and a cat. All of them love CocoTherapy products and we feel good knowing the quality, care and attention to detail that Carmina and Charisa have put into the products. We simply cannot say enough wonderful things about the ladies behind it all and the product itself. We give our best recommendation!

Sunny Bonnell

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