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CT saved my dog Caviar's life!

One of my dogs, Caviar, has IBD and colitis and CT oil and chips has really helped her. She used to vomit almost very day, and on top of that, had bloody stool with mucus. Sorry for being graphic but that's colitis for you. I thought my poor baby would have a life full of vet visits, antibiotics, flagyl, etc...On top of that she was stuck on a diet of Hills Science Diet W/D. If I took her off it, she had instant colitis. The SD W/D and flagyl helped a little with her colitis, but her IBD was getting worse. It was horrible. I cried every night. I finally went to a holistic vet, and learned about coconut oil.

I started giving her CocoTherapy coconut oil and chips with her meals. Now she is weaned off SD W/D (which is disgusting, BTW). I'm holding my breath, she has not had a bout of diarrhea or vomitting in months. No more frequent trips to the vet, or antibiotics. And no more bloody poop with slime or vomitting. I'm so thrilled. I can't stop giving it to her now, I'm scared if I stop it will come back. If I even skip giving her the coconut chips in her food for one day, her stool goes soft immediately. CT has saved her life! My other dog Champaigne also loves the coconut oil and chips. I have never seen them so healthy, happy and playful. Just amazing how these have changed their lives! I don't know how I ever managed without it. It will always be part of all my pets diet from now on. I urge all you people with pets, with health issues or not, ADD CocoTherapy to your pets diet, either as a supplement or treat, it's the best thing you can do for them.

Lisa Harris

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