I LOVE CocoTherapy! I heard about it from my mom who is a "crazy cat lady" as she has 8 cats. She was tired of stepping in hairballs all day long, but didn't want to give her cats the hairball formula cat food from the vet, because of the by-products, grain and chemicals in the food. She's been giving her cats both the oil and the coco chips for a few months, and since then, her cats have not barfed up hairballs in months!

She has been singing praises to CocoTherapy and telling everyone who has cats about it, so much so, that I decided to try it for my cat (and my dog too). My cat's black and used to have white "dandruff" flakes on her skin and fur. Now the flakes are gone, and her fur shines like silk and feels like mink! My cat wasn't crazy about the chips, but I sprinkled it in her food, mixed with some water. Since eating the chips, she hasn't barfed a hairball in over 5 months! My dog loves the oil and chips too, he goes crazy for them. So glad my mom told me about your products! I recommend that every cat and dog owner out there add these to their pet's diet, it's amazing, and they love the taste! p.s. my mom would write a fantastic testimonial but she's not on fb! :) She told me she was going to call the company to thank them and rave about it, so beware! LOL!

Mary Stevenson