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CocoTherapy is working it's magic on Manny's legs

Manny has greatly benefited from taking CocoTherapy daily. After just 3 weeks of taking the oil and chips, the bald spots on his chest and leg are starting to fill in with fur.

Now his leg hair has completely grown back! We had given up hope and had accepted the fact that we would have a dog with bald patches... and then we saw the CocoTherapy working it's magic on his legs. His legs started out with sparse hairs here and there... and then after three weeks it started to look like it was filling in... and now he's back to his full leg hair. His chest hair is still growing in. It's taking longer than the rest because it's where his hair loss had begun first. But I definitely see progress! And he has stopped nibbling at himself and itching at himself. I truly think it's because of CocoTherapy!

The doggies all got to share the CocoTherapy treats. They all LOVED them. They gobble the coconut treats. I never would have guessed that dogs would like coconuts so much. Even our kitty, Murphy, liked them too!!! They are also very good for them! Thank you!!!!!

Look at Manny's missing leg hair in this photo taken on January 6:

Manny and CocoTherapy 

 We have been giving the dogs a teaspoon of coconut oil everyday since then.

Here's Manny today, January 28th. You can see the fur is starting to fill back in. You can see the grey fur with black spots growing back in where his leg had a bald patch of skin at the beginning of the month. CocoTherapy is a miracle product!

 Manny and CocoTherapy (after)


Nikki Figular

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