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Great for pets with or without health issues!

I bought the oil and chips for my dogs after I read the website. I was impressed and just had to try it, even though my dogs didn't really have any health problems. My dogs go batties for it! I didn't think my cat would like any of it, because she's very picky, but to my surprise, she LOVES the chips! She even sniffs the oil in my hands and takes little licks. At first she was hesitant, then it started to grow on her... now she actually comes running when she hears me open the jar. She used to have little sores/blisters around her mouth, and was on and off prednisone, which I hate.

Since she's been eating the chips and oil the sores are drying up and disapearing. I've stopped the prednisone, and I'm so happy she seems to be getting better. Originally, I got the oil and chips for my dogs, little did I know that my cat would love it too, and it would help the sores in her mouth. I LOVE CocoTherapy and I highly recommend it for all your pets, whether they have health issues or not.

Shelley Williams

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