Less itching, more energy

Since giving CocoTherapy, the differences I've seen in my dogs are less itching, more energy, weight loss, and shinier coats.

No more cracks

I put CocoTherapy on Pedro's paws as he has had issues before with cracking. Since we have been using it - no more cracks!

Improves digestion

CocoTherapy has done wonders for our 2 year old black & tan Coonhound Ellie-Mae! Her coat is absolutely stunning.

Buddy comes running for a spoonful!

  My name is Buddy...and I am a CocoTherapy Coconut Oil addict! Now, if only wish we could keep him from licking his feet so that his paw pad's continue healing…

Great for cats and people too!

Today I gave my cat another coconut oil (organic, that I use for cooking). She snubbed it. Then I gave her CocoTherapy and it was licked off my hand immediately.

Great product

I use this on my Am Staff Bull Terrier... she has some sensitive skin issues. I love it and so does she.... whatever is left over from being massaged in gets a very happy lickin' from her. GREAT product and I have told many animal owners about it.... and will...

The natural healing power of coconut oil

In December 2011, my Golden Retriever was outside playing and cut the bottom of her paw. I was not aware of this until she began licking to heal what had already become infected.