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Improves digestion

CocoTherapy has done wonders for our 2 year old black & tan Coonhound Ellie-Mae! Her coat is absolutely stunning.
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Great for cats and people too!

Today I gave my cat another coconut oil (organic, that I use for cooking). She snubbed it. Then I gave her CocoTherapy and it was licked off my hand immediately.
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Great product

I use this on my Am Staff Bull Terrier... she has some sensitive skin issues. I love it and so does she.... whatever is left over from being massaged in gets a very happy lickin' from her. GREAT product and I have told many animal owners about it.... and will continue to!! Jamie Kahline-ConnCustomer

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You are earthly angels

My 12 yr old Poodle Trixie Mae has health issues one of which is Cushing's Disease. Her liver, kidney etc levels are always off and high.

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Thanks again for all of your amazing products

Since beginning the coconut oil just two weeks ago, we are noticing a difference in Humphrey's coat.  It is thicker and shinier, and, he has more energy to zoom around the house with his little brother. He is also scratching less.
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Amazing results

Hi, my name is Allison. I'm a recent buyer of your Coconut Oil supplement, and soon-to-be buyer of your Coconut Chip Treats. I started using the Coconut Oil on my German Shepherd, Blue, a few weeks ago and I've already seen some amazing results.


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