Less tummy rumbles

Carmina and Charisa, I can't thank you enough for this..although it's only been two weeks I can see a difference in Izzy who has pancreatitis/SIBO and IBD.


I just bought the CoCoTherapy and coconut chips and my dogs are loving it. First, the taste. WOW!!!

Great product for sensitive dogs

Well my dog had a stomach issue when he was about 7 months old and I nearly lost him. The vet put him in a strict diet and giving him treats is nearly impossible because he cant have anything out in the market. . .

Spread the word!!

Spread the word!!
Think Missy likes the coconut oil? She gets a belly rub, toe(s) rub every night (after she is brushed) before she goes to bed. She has stopped scratching, the allergies are controlled 99.9%.

My parents and I LOVE it!

My parents have 3 rat terriers and one has had a terrible skin condition for a few years. They have taken him to the vet many times and tried every lotion and potion but nothing worked until now!

Skin cleared up after just two weeks!

Hello!!! I wrote on here a few weeks ago asking advice on skin complaints as my Pug Coco had a bald patch that we had cleared once with medication, but I really didn't want to use that avenue again.

Love the product

My name is Gabrielle Newell and I am a foster with a 501c3 Non-profit street dog rescue in San Antonio, TX and I wanted to start off by saying that I just recently purchased your product. . .