Soft fur, no more itching

I am writing to tell you how much my dog loves your product. I tried them just by chance at a pet boutique. My dog doesn't like many treats and she absolutely loves the Coconut Chips.

My pets can't get enough!

My pets can't get enough of CocoTherapy oil and chips. They come running whenever they hear the familiar sounds of the packaging being opened in the kitchen.

Picky eaters love CocoTherapy

My two dogs are very picky about what they eat. They will turn their nose up to steak and they only like a certain treat. I read about Coco Therapy on line and saw an article in a dog magazine.

Customer for life!

I have 2 yorkie girls (the older one is picky & my lil one will eat anything & everything!!) with my older one having food sensitivities & hypothyroidism, the coconut oil really helps with her digestion & both of my girls #2 is nice & "dainty", when including this in their diet!