I LOVE CocoTherapy!

I LOVE CocoTherapy! I heard about it from my mom who is a "crazy cat lady" as she has 8 cats. She was tired of stepping in hairballs all day long, but didn't want to give her cats the hairball formula cat food from the vet, because of the by-products, grain and chemicals in the food.

All 5 of my chihuahua's love Coco!

My CocoTherapy Coconut Chips arrived today. I must thank you for turning my four Chis into paranas!! Jaws a snapping and everything. They couldn't get enough of these chips. My Chis inhailed them! We love this awesome organic treat!

Goodbye fleas and allergies!

I just started using this on my foster dog and my dogs and myself tee hee hee. They love it and so do I. Thank you! my foster dog has hair loss and skin problems from flea allergies and this product has helped her a lot.

Highly recommended

PuttiePie,our six year old maltese, is in LOVE with Coco Therapy! Coco Therapy helped PuttiePie lose weight