Wet Nose Pet Boutique Loves CocoTherapy

Wet Nose Pet Boutique Loves CocoTherapy

Co-owner, Sheila Spitza of Wet Nose Pet Boutique discusses why she carries CocoTherapy and her personal experiences with how it has helped her dogs.

Annie's Hair Growth: what your products do for dogs truly matter!

My Standard Poodle Annie lost her hair approximately three years ago, and the vet gave her medication that made her very ill and sick. So my family and I decided to remove her from the medication a...

I’ve compared your coconut oil to Tropical Traditions Gold Label. You won, hands down.

Multiple-time customer, pet parent of 3 dogs. I’ve compared your coconut oil to Tropical Traditions Gold Label; You won; hands down. :-)

I received my shipment yesterday of CocoTherapy! Bella my doggie and I were so happy!

Also I told a friend of mine yesterday about this wonderful healing product, she said her dog had bad allergies, and skin problems too. She said she was going to make an order.

My dogs and I have never felt and looked better

My dogs and I have taken and tried tons of supplements, I can't even keep track of how many we've tried in the past... Out of all the supplements I've tried, I've never tried one like CocoTherapy c...

Great for pets with or without health issues!

I bought the oil and chips for my dogs after I read the website. I was impressed and just had to try it, even though my dogs didn't really have any health problems

Switched to CocoTherapy, and love it!

After some research, I switched my dogs from a different *brand* to CocoTherapy coconut oil.

I'm thrilled that I can get this product locally!

I started using organic virgin coconut oil with a foster dog that had recently been treated for sarcoptic mange, and yeast and bacterial infections. The transformation of her skin and coat was amaz...

I love Oscar Newman AND CocoTherapy

I'm a major Oscar Newman fan, my dog Zoe has been wearing Oscar Newman for a long time now! Last October, I bought this CocoTherapy oil and chips for her (she's an American Cocker Spaniel) because ...