Annie's Hair Growth: what your products do for dogs truly matter!

My Standard Poodle Annie lost her hair approximately three years ago, and the vet gave her medication that made her very ill and sick. So my family and I decided to remove her from the medication and try your Raw Coconut oil. For the past three years we have noticed incredible improvements in her coat and skin.

My dogs and I have never felt and looked better

My dogs and I have taken and tried tons of supplements, I can't even keep track of how many we've tried in the past... Out of all the supplements I've tried, I've never tried one like CocoTherapy coconut oil.

I love Oscar Newman AND CocoTherapy

I'm a major Oscar Newman fan, my dog Zoe has been wearing Oscar Newman for a long time now! Last October, I bought this CocoTherapy oil and chips for her (she's an American Cocker Spaniel) because I've been having issues with on-off ear infections...