Avid coconut coconut oil enthusiast

I purchased Spectrum brand organic Coconut Oil from WHOLEFOODS Market before finding 100% all natural & organic virgin Coconut Oil from COCOTHERAPY.

Coconut helps sensitive bellies

  My standard poodle has been having IBS issues because of the cyclosporine that he is taking.

Crazy for Maggie's Macaroons

Just received the macaroons (Maggie's Macaroons) and the dogs went CRAZY...

Coconut oil helps skin allergies!

I discovered your product line a few months ago and gave it a try with my young German Shepherd with skin allergies!
Costco vs. Oscar's Coconut Oil

Costco vs. Oscar's Coconut Oil

  I have to admit, I did go to Costco to purchase their Kirkland Coconut Oil because the bottles are bigger and they're cheaper. But after a couple of days, I noticed a BIG difference in quality.